Kathleen Kline: Academic Editor, Author, Instructor, Coach, Consultant, Presenter

Over a long career spanning over 3 decades, Kathleen Kline has developed an expertise in academic writing and editing, as well as her own unique style of working with students and professionals in myriad fields. She has edited hundreds of dissertations for clients around the globe, helping them with every aspect of dissertation preparation: editing at all levels, as well as helping her clients with organization, time lines, strategies, encouragement, advice, and counsel to help them however she can to complete this important milestone in their professional and academic lives. Kathleen has also edited many other forms of academic writing, including journal articles, speeches, reports, assessments, essays, papers, posters, CVs, cover letters, and other forms of correspondence.   

Kathleen is the Director of the Writing Center at the Wright Institute, a professional clinical psychology school in Berkeley, California, where she works with students individually and provides workshops and courses for students on the principles of academic writing, dissertations, report and assessment writing, APA Style, and preparing CVs, cover letters, and essays for practicum and internship applications. Kathleen has also given workshops to faculty on APA Style and has given presentations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and remotely.

Kathleen holds a Diplôme Supérieur from the Sorbonne in Paris, France, and a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Although one could argue that her writing career began the moment she was able to hold a pen, her rigorous “on-the-job” training took place at the Sebastopol Times and the East Bay Express before she began Kathleen Kline & Associates in 1986 and decided to specialize in academic editing. 

Kathleen has a passionate love for writing (is known to cry over beautifully written sentences). She sees her mission in life as inspiring and improving written expression, which, when one pushes aside the self-inflicted anxiety, self-doubts, and writer's block, is merely a way to communicate between one human being and another. To that end, Kathleen will not simply be your editor but will also help you to improve your own writing, showing and teaching you the best ways to produce writing in your own voice that is clear and communicates accurately what you wish to say and the tone with which you wish to say it, with an tinge of elegance and beauty.

Kathleen is the author of De-Stressing the Dissertation and Other Forms of Academic Writing: Practical Guidance and Real-Life Stories (2019), which is a greatly expanded edition of her first book, Confessions of a Dissertation Editor: Practical Guidance and Real-Life Stories (2009). De-Stressing the Dissertation can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1726091058/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=De-stressing+the+dissertation+and+other+forms&qid=1551485270&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmrnull. (You can read more about Kathleen's books in the My Books tab.) 

Kathleen Kline & Associates

Kathleen Kline & Associates, established in 1986, has distinguished itself through professional, consistent delivery of quality work, accurate estimates, and responsiveness to clients’ needs. Over the years, we have enjoyed the diversity and richness of people, interests, and livelihoods found not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but across the United States and in many countries. We have worked with distinguished writers, academicians, and students, and we welcome anyone who might benefit from our services.