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De-Stressing the Dissertation and Other Forms of Academic Writing: Practical Help and Real-Life Stories (223 pages, $15.00). Use the link below to purchase:

This second edition of Kline’s book is a must-read for all doctoral and master’s students preparing to write a dissertation. An academic editor of 35+ years and long-time teacher and coach to doctoral students, she initially wrote this book to help students navigate avoidable setbacks and complications that have encumbered many a dissertation writer. This book provides guidance in the areas of elements of academic writing, working with style guides (what to watch out for), and setting oneself up to have the most positive and successful experience throughout the process of writing a dissertation. Following the guidance in this book will ensure one does not get caught up in common pitfalls and will be equipped to deal with the unexpected in the most efficacious way. This new addition includes a chapter onCVs, cover letters, and essays. For reference and ease of use, appendices have been added showing examples of academic styles (APA, CMS, MLA, and Turabian), keyboard shortcuts, and the author’s invaluable thesaurus. Kline has received accolades and deep appreciation from her many clients, as well as from advisors, professors, and students. Past clients have described her as “a dream and a joy to work with,” “a miracle worker,” “top-notch,” “a godsend,” “calming,” “wise,” supportive,” “patient,” “thorough,” “responsive,” “understanding,” “skillful,” “knowledgeable,” having a “keen eye,” and having “editing skills beyond compare.” One client referred to her as “the LeBron James of editing.” This book also offer inspiration and reassurance with eight stories of past clients who were able to successfully complete their dissertations under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.