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Confessions of a Dissertation Editor: Practical Help and Real-Life Stories (132 pages, $15.00). To purchase, please click here:   

In Confessions, author Kathleen Kline inspires and entertains while providing the rock solid fundamentals necessary to prepare a dissertation. Her book is a unique mix that vividly engages the dissertation writer while satisfying the need to be well informed and prepared for the venture.

One graduate school dissertation coordinator describes the book as “an invaluable tome” that “goes beyond merely equipping students with tools…for a well-penned dissertation; its illuminating anecdotes will provide the motivation needed to stay organized and positive.”

One professor emeritus lauds, “Kathleen Kline understands what the authors of countless other guides…do not: the dissertation is not merely an academic task—it’s a journey that’s best accomplished with an experienced and nurturant guide…. Her case studies show writing a dissertation is never easy, but it can be done without suffering unnecessary pain…. The unique virtue of this book lies in its emphasis on the process of writing a dissertation.”

Over a career spanning 30 years during which time she has edited hundreds of dissertations and other academic manuscripts, Kline has seen it all. She offers compelling stories of doctoral students weathering seemingly insurmountable hurdles before turning in their final dissertation drafts. These include students for whom English is not their native language (ESL); students who grapple with learning disabilities (LD), unexpected life tragedies, or impossible balancing acts; older students; and those who were tempted to give up. 

In her chapter, "If I Had Only Had 30 Minutes With My Clients Before They Started Their Dissertations,” she identifies the common pitfalls she has repeatedly encountered and instructs on how to avoid them. These range from the broad (e.g., academic voice) to the specific (pointers on using Microsoft Word and APA). Master’s students will benefit equally. This could be the most entertaining, inspirational, and humane guide to writing a dissertation that you’ll ever read.